Algerian Review of Economic Development (ARED)



المجلة الجزائرية للتنمية الاقتصادية  

 Semi-Annual Peer-Reviewed Academic Review

Issued By Kasdi Merbah University Of Ouargla Algeria


Concerned with publishing the researches and studies in the field of economic and commercial sciences and management

 ISSN 5302/2392

Dépôt légal N° 5483/2014


 Director  : Pr.Mohamed Tahar Halilat ( Rector)

Edition Director  : Pr Abdelkader KHELIFA

                 Editor In chief : Pr Nawal BEN AMARA 




 This journal is Open Access 

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Board of Editors

Editorial Board

Prof. Cherifa REFAA (Ouargla University, Algeria)

Prof. Boularbah GHERIB (Ouargla University, Algeria)

Prof. Larbi ATIA (Ouargla University, Algeria)

Dr. Rachid MENACRIA (Ouargla University, Algeria)    

 Dr. ahmed ramzi SIAGH (Ouargla University, Algeria)

Dr. Abderrazak MOULAY LAKHDAR (Ouargla University, Algeria))

Dr Amina MEKHLFI (Ouargla University, Algeria)

Dr. Mounira SELLAMI (Ouargla University, Algeria

Advisory Board

Prof. nawal BEN AMARA (Ouargla University, Algeria)

Prof. Brahim BEKHTI (Ouargla University, Algeria)

Prof. Abd Almoneim ALTYB (sudan Academey for banking , sudan)

Prof. Khalifa AHSINA (Ibn Tofaïl University, Morocco)

Prof. Ahmed BELOUAFI (King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia)

Prof. Mohamed CHIKHI (Ouargla University, Algeria)

Prof. Ammar AMMARI (Sétif 1 University, Algeria)

Prof. Mouloud AOUDIA (Northern Border University, Saudi Arabia)

Prof. Med Lahcene ALLAOUI (Ouargla University, Algeria)

Prof. Samir BELLAL (Tizi Ouzou University, Algeria)

Prof. Cheikh DAOUI (Algiers 03 University, Algeria)

Prof. Emhamad ELMANSORI (Omar Al-Mukhtar University, Libya)

Prof. Khaled Jamal JÀARAT (Middle East University MEU, Jordan)

Prof. Al Naimi KASEM (Damascus University, Syria & ABMS, Russia)

Prof.mustafa mohamed ABESALAM (oumakora University, Saudi Arabia)

Prof. Med Djemoui KORICHI (Ouargla University, Algeria)

Prof. Belkacem LAABAS (Arab Planning Institute, Kuwait)

Prof. Mohamed ZERGOUNE (Ouargla University, Algeria)

Prof. Ahmad MALAWI (Yarmouk University, Jordan)

Prof. abedkarim GANDOUZE (King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia)

Prof. Nadji RAHMANIA (Lille University, France)

Prof. Youcef NASSER (International Islamic University IIUM, Malaysia)

Prof. Samira OUKARFI (HASSAN II University, Casablanca, Morocco)

Prof. mohamed GEZAWI (King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia)

Prof. Amar OUKIL (Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman)

Prof. Tarek SADRAOUI (Monastir University, Tunisia)

Prof. Osama SOLIMAN (Sadat City University, Egypt)

Prof. Ilhem YAHIAOUI (Batna 1 University, Algeria)

Prof. Malika ZEGHIB (Constantine 2 University, Algeria)

Prof. abedllah ZOUACHE (Lille University, France)

Prof. Ilyes BEN SACI (Ouargla University, Algeria)

Prof. AHMED SILEM (Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University, France)

Prof. Driss HARRIZI (Hassan 1er University, Morocco)

Prof. sabah ALMEHYOUI (baghedad University, irak)

Prof. mohamed KNOUCH (Trakya University, trukie)

Prof. nourdine HAMED (eljouf University, Saudi Arabia)

Prof. fatiha REGRAGUI (moulay ismail University, Morocco)

Prof. Djamal LAMARA (taibah University, Saudi Arabia)

Prof. Majed MELHEM (alkouds University, Palestine)



 ARED review, founded in 2014, is peer-reviewed academic review published semi-annually by the faculty of economic and commercial sciences and management in coordination with the laboratory of the rehabilitation and development requirements of the developing economies under the global economic openness.

The editorial line of the review is based on the study of the institutional reforms importance and proposes policies to strengthen the institutions and governance principles and mechanisms, and developing the regulatory frameworks that support the investment opportunities, and rehabilitation of the developing economies for the challenges and implications of globalization.

The review is concerned with the publication of theoretical and applied researches and studies in the fields of economic, commercial sciences and management and publishing the critical studies of various modern Arabic and foreign publications. The review welcomes the researchers contributions in three languages: Arabic, English and French 


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Algerian Review of Economic Development (ARED) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial license