The Impact of Macroeconomic, Structural Variables and Banks’ Characteristics onpdf

Islamic Banks Performance: Panel Evidencefrom Jordanian banks (2000-2014)

Imane YOUSFI (*)   

Faculty of Economic , Commercial and Management Sciences

Setif 1 University, Setif; Algeria

Abstract:The study examines the determinants of Jordanian Islamic banks’ performance during the period 2000-2014 and the study sample includes 2 Islamic banks. A variety of bank-specific Characteristics (internal determinants: capital, deposit, risk, efficiency, liquidity), macroeconomic and structural determinants (external variables: GPD, inflation and bank size) are used to predict the performance, using the panel regression analysis.The results reveal that: first, all internal banks’ determinants, with the exception of liquidity risk and efficiency, significantly affect the Islamic banks profitability using both measures (ROE and ROA) in the study period. Second, the paper finds that the macro-economic indicators such inflation and GDP have   a significant impact on Islamic bank’s performance. Finally, turning to financial structure and its impact on bank’s performance, the researcher finds that size is beneficial to the Jordanian Islamic banks.

Keywords:Profitability, Islamic Banks, Panel Data, Jordan.

Jel Classification Codes : L25, G21, C33.