The Benefits of Implementing Lean Management System at IKEA Malaysia Companypdf

Sadek LECHEHAB (*)   

Faculty of Economic, Commercial and Management Sciences

Kasdi Merbah University, Ouargla; Algeria.

Ahmed KAMASSI (**)

Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences

International Islamic University, Malaysia.

Abstract:Lean management system is one of the most advanced and popular management techniques, which many companies are using in recent days. Many of the non- manufacturing companies are also using these techniques for better results. This is also the case for IKEA, Malaysia. During our visit to IKEA in 2011, we have been able to acknowledge the lean practices in the store. IKEA is mostly renowned for the quality and model of its home furniture. In this paper, we are going to explain in details the lean management system, its application to services and its practice at IKEA Malaysia.  

Keywords:Lean management, Non-Manufacturing Companies, Services, IKEA Malaysia.

Jel Classification Codes : L81, M11.