The Impact of Economic Value Added and The Market Value Added on earning per share. Case study of The Industrial companies listed in Kuwait Stock Exchange 

Melikaoui Mouloud 1,


1 Faculty of economy and commercial and management sciences, Bordj Bou Arreridj University(Algeria)

Received: 26/05/2018 ; Revised: 26/10/2018 ; Accepted: 09/11/2018


Summary: This study aims to find the effect relationship between both economic value added and market value added as new measures for evaluation the performance and earning per share compared with return on assets and return on equity, through application on industrial companies listed in Kuwait stock exchange(28 companies) during period 2012-2016. With used the multiple regression model and the statistical program(spss). The study concluded a strong effect relationship and statistically significant between both all independent variables(economic value added, market value added, return on assets, return on equity) and the dependent variable(earning per share), where correlation coefficient is estimated at 0.879. the study concluded also found that 76.7% of change occurred in earning per share explains through previous independent variables, especially economic value added variable and return on equity.

Keywords: economic value added, market value added, return on assets, return on equity, earning per share.

Jel Classification Codes : C58,D53 ,D46,D24,D22

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