Marketing deception in mobile services - Study of a sample of mobile phone market operators in Ain El-Defla (Algeria) - 

Karima BEKOUCHE 1, Mohamed CHERFAOUI 2, Halima Saadia KORICHI3,

1 Faculty of Economic, Commercial and Management Sciences, Djilali BOUNAAMA University (Algeria)

2 Faculty of Economic, Commercial and Management Sciences, Djilali BOUNAAMA University(Algeria)

3 Faculty of Economic, Commercial and Management Sciences, Kasdi MERBAH University(Algeria)

Received: 17/11/2018 ; Revised: 01/12/2018 ; Accepted: 15/12/2018


Summary: Based on the importance of studying the phenomenon of marketing deception in the mobile services sector in Algeria, which is growing significantly. Moreover, with the intensification of competition, in order to maximize profits and enhance presence some companies adopt unethical methods to influence consumer behavior. The aim of this paper is to determine the extent of the phenomenon in this sector, a questionnaire of 34 questions was designed to analyze the trend of the respondents' opinions, as well as the analysis of the correlation between the marketing deception and the marketing mix with its various elements. The study concludes that marketing deception in this sector is practiced through the elements of the marketing mix at different degrees, which can be reduced by increasing consumer awareness by activating the role of consumer protection associations and the control of the authorities.

Key words: Marketing Deception, Customer Behavior, Self-Deception, Deception discovery, mobile services.

Jel Classification Codes : L96 ; C12 ; M31


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